Thursday, January 4, 2018

Happy Birthday, Clint Hill

Today is the birthday of Clint Hill, the  Secret Service agent who served several presidents but is most closely associated with President Kennedy and First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy.  Hill, born in North Dakota in 1932, had a career which brought him around the globe and put him in the presence of a multitude of world leaders.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Clint for my book, Dinner in Camelot: The Night America's Greatest Scientists, Writers, and Scholars Partied at the Kennedy White House (ForeEdge, April 2018).  He was most gracious in discussing his role at state dinners and working inside the White House itself.  Many of his fascinating experiences, which spanned the presidencies of Eisenhower through Ford, are recounted in three books:  one on his role in charge of Mrs. Kennedy's detail; one on the assassination in Dallas, where he was present; and one on his years in the Secret Service.

I reviewed his last book, Five Presidents, for The Washington Independent Review of Books:

Hill's books are full of anecdotes about his experiences, some of which are quite humorous and give readers a fly-on-the-wall view of several of the most historical events of a turbulent period in the twentieth century.  His descriptions of the travels and adventures of Jackie Kennedy are often riveting.  In Secret Service code names, it was "Dazzle" watching over "Lace."

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